Energy East Project

On 30 October 2014, Energy East Pipeline Ltd. (Energy East) submitted an Application to the NEB for the proposed Energy East pipeline project (the Project). Energy East is a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada Oil Pipelines (Canada) Ltd. The Application initially proposed a Project that would transport crude oil from receipt points in Alberta and Saskatchewan to delivery points in Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as to a marine terminal in each of Quebec and New Brunswick. On 17 December 2015, Energy East informed the NEB that it would not proceed with the Quebec marine terminal as originally proposed.

The Project is comprised of (i) new pipeline and pipeline-related facilities and (ii) existing pipeline facilities that will be transferred from TransCanada PipeLines Limited to Energy East and converted from natural gas service to oil service.

The Project as proposed would include:

1. Construction and operation of approximately 1,500 km of up to 1067 mm (NPS 42) pipe in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

2. Conversion and operation of approximately 3,000 km of up to 1067 mm (NPS 42) of existing natural gas pipelines to oil service in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

3. Construction and operation of approximately 100 km of pipeline laterals and terminal interconnections.

4. Construction of related components and facilities such as:

  • oil storage tanks and custody transfer metering;
  • pump stations;
  • delivery meter stations;
  • mainline block valves;
  • pressure control facilities; and
  • facilities for marine tanker loading.

The Project would require a number of ancillary facilities. Temporary infrastructure such as access roads, construction camps, stockpile sites and contractor yards would be required during construction.

The Application includes physical activities enumerated in the Regulations Designating Physical Activities (Regulations) under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012). As a result, the NEB anticipates that the Project will be a designated project for the purposes of CEAA 2012 and for which the NEB will be the responsible authority.

Once the NEB deems the Project Application to be complete, the NEB will post a Notice of Commencement for the start of the CEAA 2012 environmental assessment and update any of the Project details above as necessary.

The NEB will also establish a public hearing process under the NEB Act to review the application that will include a process for participation.

The environmental effects of increased marine shipping to and from any proposed marine terminal will be included as part of the NEB’s review under the National Energy Board Act.

Consultation and Cooperation with Other Jurisdictions

Section 18 of the CEAA 2012 provides that, as the responsible authority for this Project, the NEB must offer to consult and cooperate with respect to the environmental assessment (EA) of the Project with any jurisdiction referred to in paragraphs (c) to (h) of the definition of “jurisdiction” in CEAA 2012 subsection 2(1) if that jurisdiction has powers, duties or functions in relation to an assessment of the environmental effects of the designated project.

If you believe you are such a jurisdiction under CEAA 2012 section 18, please self-identify with the NEB describing how you meet the definition of jurisdiction and explain your relevant EA power, duty or function, as well as the activities your jurisdiction plans to undertake to exercise your powers, duties or functions to complete an EA of this designated project.  The Board’s assessment process often includes steps that might be relied upon by other jurisdictions that have EA powers, duties or functions, or may be able to provide other opportunities for cooperation with the EA process of eligible jurisdictions if timely notice is provided.  Accordingly, please write to the NEB as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than 10 days prior to the deadline for applying to participate with this information, so that opportunities can be explored. 

All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary of the Board and filed by fax (1-877-288-8803), through the NEB’s e-filing tool (on the NEB’s website [] under Submit Applications and Regulatory Documents, then File a Letter of Comment), or mailed in hard copy to:

National Energy Board
517 Tenth Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2R 0A8


Latest update

October 10, 2017 - The assessment process has been terminated.


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National Energy Board
517 Tenth Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0A8
Telephone: 403-292-4800 or 1-800-899-1265

  • Location

    • Hardisty (Alberta)
    • Lévis (Quebec)
    • Moosomin (Saskatchewan)
    • North Bay (Ontario)
    • Saint John (New Brunswick)
    • Winnipeg (Manitoba)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Oil and Gas
  • Assessment Status

  • Proponent

    Energy East Pipeline Ltd.
  • Authorities

    • National Energy Board
  • Assessment Type

    Environmental assessment under CEAA 2012
  • Reference Number


This map is for illustrative purposes. The markers represent the approximate locations based on available data. More than one marker may be identified for a given assessment.

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