Restoration and redevelopment of the drainage network at the John H. Chapman Space Center in Saint-Hubert

The project aims to maintain, restore and redevelop the drainage ditches and the retention pond present on the property of the John H. Chapman Space Center of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) located in Saint-Hubert, Québec. In addition, following major development around the property, a new ditch must be built to improve drainage by channeling water from the rear area of the site (to the south) to the retention pond located at the front (to the north). The ASC also plans to build a snow storage area and a settling pond to accommodate the snow from its snow removal operations and its meltwater. The total area affected by the project is estimated at 12,000 m².

The works include:

  • The excavation of sediments accumulated in the existing ditches and their management on the CSA property;
  • The creation of a new drainage ditch to channel rainwater from the rear of the site (south) to the retention pond at the front of the site (north);
  • The creation of several small basins or enlargements along the drainage ditches in order to create small areas of wetlands;
  • Reshaping of the retention pond in order to lower the invert by at least 0.30 m, including the excavation of more than one meter of material to try to remove all of the common reed rhizomes and to promote permanent retention of 600mm of water in the retention pond;
  • The eradication of a colony of common reed, an invasive alien plant species, present in the retention pond. A colony of broadleaf cattails also present in the basin is preserved;
  • Management of plant debris and soil containing common reed rhizomes on CSA property, under 1 meter of clean soil;
  • The construction of a snow storage area and a meltwater settling pond for the proper management of snow from snow removal operations on the CSA site.

Some wetlands were identified in 2017 as suitable breeding habitat for the Western chorus frog, a species protected under the federal Species at Risk Act. However, surveys using listening stations were carried out in the spring of 2021 and the results confirmed that the wetlands and the retention pond located on the CSA property are not used by the Western chorus frog.


Latest update

April 6, 2022 – The Canadian Space Agency issued its Notice of Determination and determined that the project Restoration and redevelopment of the drainage network at the John H. Chapman Space Center project, located in Saint-Hubert, Quebec is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.



Canadian Space Agency
Emmanuelle Lambert, Green Operations Coordinator
Telephone: 450-926-5887

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    • Saint-Hubert (Quebec)
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    • Water Management
    • Remediation and conservation
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    Canadian Space Agency
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    • Public Services and Procurement Canada
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    Project on federal lands
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