Rehabilitation of the Pathway and Shoreline of Leamy Lake

Enhancing and animating the shoreline is a priority in the National Capital Commission's (NCC) strategic plan. To achieve this, the NCC must ensure good stewardship of its lands and put in place measures to protect them from natural elements that may affect the integrity of its shorelines and waterfront assets.


Due to flooding in the Outaouais region in 2017 and 2019, the banks of the Gatineau River and Leamy Lake have experienced significant erosion. To prevent further damage to the multi-use pathway and the shores of Leamy Lake, the NCC must complete several interventions around the lake:


1) The addition of riprap and vegetation at several locations around Lac Leamy

2) Relocation of a portion of the pathway

3) Repaving of certain damaged sections of the pathway

4) Adding sand to the public beach on the east side of the lake


Construction will begin in the summer of 2023 and will be completed by the end of fall 2023.



  • Improve the multi-use trail system to ensure public safety and meet new use needs
  • Protect the NCC's natural habitats and shore lands in the National Capital Region
  • Renaturalize the old multi-use pathway
  • Prevent shoreline erosion
  • Improve the public beach


Construction Stages

  • Installation of sediment fences along the shoreline to protect wildlife and the lake;
  • Tree cutting outside of bird nesting season to access work areas;
  • Excavation for the new multi-use trail on the east side of Leamy Lake;
  • Installation of the foundation for the new trail;
  • Paving the new trail;
  • Demolition and excavation of a section of the existing trail along the lake;
  • Repaving portions of the existing trail;
  • Rip rap in several areas around the lake;
  • Planting of vegetation;
  • Soil placement and seeding;
  • Restoration of the site.


Coordination with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is required as DFO must issue a letter of advice under the Fisheries Act for planned work in fish habitat.




Latest update

February 20th, 2024 – The National Capital Commission issued its Notice of Determination and determined that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.


Key documents

Key documents
Document Number Document Title File Date
2 Notice of Determination - February 20, 2024
1 Notice of Intent to Make a Determination - Start of Public Comment Period - January 30, 2023


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