City of Ottawa Culvert Replacement, Commodore Drive

The proposed works are situated on the John S. Daly Municipal Drain crossing under Commodore Drive in Kars Ontario. Commodore Drive is the boundary of Parks Canada's administrative area therefore the portion of the work zone located north of the road (upstream) is outside federal jurisdiction. However, any turbidity generated from this zone will directly impact the water quality of the Rideau Canal.

This project consists of replacing two existing CSP culverts with a combined footprint of 27.4 m2. These two culverts will be replaced with a single pre-cast box culvert that is 15 m long, 2.4 m wide and 1.5 m tall, and with a footprint of 36.0 m2. The area around the culverts will be excavated and backfilled with rip rap. The rip rap will consist of clean stone (125 mm) that is free of fines and will extend 1.5 m upstream and downstream of the culvert (footprint of 40 m2 below high water mark).

The construction will require the construction of a temporary road around the work area. This temporary road will be located on the upstream side of Commodore Drive and will also serve as the upstream cofferdam. The upstream cofferdam will be built with clear stone, free of fines, placed on top of a heavy geotextile. The clear stone will be used for the area below the high water mark. Another layer of heavy duty geotextile will be placed on top of the clear stone and then capped with a Granular A driving surface. This upstream cofferdam will have a footprint of 160 m2. It will be in place for a duration of 2 weeks. The downstream cofferdam will consist of meter bags with a temporary footprint of 30 m2. The isolated area within the cofferdams will be 60 m2 upstream and 40 m2 downstream. The total in-water footprint will be 366 m2, of which 76 m2 is permanent works (36 m2 new culvert + 40 m2 rip rap) and 290 m2 is temporary works (190 m2 cofferdams + 100 m2 isolated areas).

This project has been reviewed by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and a permit issued. DFO has reviewed this project and their advice will be incorporated into the BIA.


Latest update

January 19, 2021 - The assessment decision statement has been issued to the proponent.



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