Pont La fontaine - Temporary structure for repairs on bridge P-01539H

Repair work on the steel elements of bridge P-01539H located on Highway 25 over the St. Lawrence River. The part of the bridge concerned by these repairs is bay section 7 under which the South navigation channel is located. The services requested include the following work:
- demolition of the stiffener and gusset sections above the inner diaphragms and the extension of the stiffeners (including magnetic particle inspection of the adjacent web) between beams 2 to 9;
- modification of the lower connections of the inner diaphragms between beams 2 to 9;
- demolition of inner diaphragms and repair of stiffener welds between beams 1 and 2 (including magnetic particle inspection of the adjacent web);
- repair of longitudinal stiffener end to end welds (including magnetic particle inspection of the adjacent web);
- reinforcement of the web and modification of the connections at the ends of beams 2 to 9;
- drilling of holes at the ends of the cracks following the magnetic particle inspections.
- All the repairs to be carried out take place on the underside of the bridge deck.

Latest update

June 17, 2021 - The assessment process has been terminated.



Environmental and Aboriginal affairs - Québec region
Email: aea-eaa@tc.gc.ca

  • Location

    • Pont La Fontaine (Quebec)
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    • Bridges
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    Renouveau La Fontaine
  • Authorities

    • Transport Canada
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    Project on federal lands
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